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Iggy Learning's Jamaroos educational apps make learning phonics, letters, and words lots of fun.  Our curriculum-based content boosts the language skills of preschoolers and young readers, and teaches valuable life lessons, too!

Iggy Learning, LLC is a publisher of children’s books and educational mobile applications. The company is a collaboration between Reading Friends, a Fort Worth, TX-based preschool franchise founded in 1981 by Nancy Thompson Spencer, and award-winning animation and visual effects producer Dale Carman, founder and Executive Creative Director of Reel FX Animation Studios
in Dallas, TX and Santa Monica, CA.

​Reading Friends offers an academically-based, systematic curriculum for preschool children aged 2 to 6 years. The school is well known for its language program based on the Alphabet Phonics Curriculum, which originates from the famous Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching phonetics and language structure. In order to help teach language skills and social skills, in 2000 the school developed the 26 Jamaroos jungle characters, one for each letter of the alphabet.  Based on its success in using these characters and their stories in the classroom, Reading Friends wished to make them available to children everywhere. They are now featured in Iggy Learning’s Jamaroos ABCs and storybook apps, providing a fun, interactive, and entertaining learning experience for children worldwide.

​As the creative head of Reel FX, Dale Carman’s background includes 20 years as a leader in animation and visual effects for film, television, commercials, and live venues.  Reel FX has created animation for several blockbuster animated properties for Dreamworks, Disney, Fox, Sony and Warner Bros., including Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Shrek, Bee Movie, Ice Age, Enchanted, Looney Tunes, Open Season and more. The studio also created the animated feature film Free Birds, released in November 2013, and The Book of Life, to be released in October 2014. In Iggy Learning’s educational apps, Mr. Carman brings the 26 Jamaroos jungle characters to life with rich animation and storytelling in an interactive design that rewards every touch. 

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